United Kingdom enters crucial Brexit week with no deal in sight

2015 General Election candidates

2015 General Election candidates

Lidington said the sides had agreed a joint legally binding instrument that commits both sides to work to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements by December 2020.

The Daily Mail said that, "to her enormous credit", Theresa May appears to have secured "the guarantees she needed on the Northern Ireland backstop". The government's no-deal tariff plan, which would last for up to 12 months, would seek to keep prices down for consumers while also minimizing job losses among manufacturers in the world's fifth-biggest economy. It also said it wouldn't slap tariffs on 87 percent of goods coming into Britain from the European Union - though there would be new levies on imports of some items including meat and cars.

Talk of May stepping down as Prime Minister sooner rather than later is also growing, with her former policy adviser, Tory MP George Freeman, calling for "a new leader for a new generation" after Brexit.

Tariffs on beef, lamb, pork, poultry and some dairy would be reduced but retained in most cases.

UK MPs will today vote on whether to take the threat of a "no-deal" Brexit off the table - by voting for a motion which states that that the House of Commons "declines to approve" leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and framework for a future relationship on March 29th.

With EU leaders warning there would be no more changes or negotiations, and less than three weeks to go until the U.K.is due to leave, British lawmakers were facing a stark choice in a vote later: support a deal many consider inadequate or run the risk that Brexit might happen chaotically, or not at all.

She warned in a speech Friday that rejecting her deal again would create a "moment of crisis".

Senior Conservative lawmakers advised the prime minister in phone conversations that she should delay the vote and put forward a motion describing a divorce agreement that would finally heal divisions over the issue within May's own party, according to The Times.

"We regret the outcome of tonight's vote", the spokesman said. "Should there be a United Kingdom reasoned request for an extension, the EU27 will consider it and decide by unanimity".

"The EU27 will expect a credible justification for a possible extension and its duration".

The European Parliament, meanwhile, approved measures to ameliorate the immediate hardships of a no-deal Brexit.

"We will continue our no-deal preparations and ensure that we will be ready if such a scenario arises".

If the deal is voted down once again, on the following two days the lawmakers are expected to discuss and vote on two amendments.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to travel to Strasbourg in a bid to break the stalemate in the Brexit talks, Sky News reported on Monday, citing officials in her office.

Leave with a deal but not this deal.

The legal judgement on the instrument issued by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox today noted: "T$3 he legally binding provisions of the joint instrument and the content of the unilateral declaration reduce the risk that the United Kingdom could be indefinitely and involuntarily detained within the protocol's provisions at least in so far as that situation had been brought about by the bad faith or want of best endeavours of the European Union". "It would be much better if we could have found some sort of decision".

"This House will have to answer that question".

Labour has held out the possibility of backing a second referendum that might reverse Brexit.

The assessments left May's deal hanging by a thread.

This is far more likely, given that lawmakers rejected the deal in January by a historic margin of 230 votes.

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