Google Chrome extension will alert you if your accounts have been pwned

Online security

Online security

The search giant added that it has built the Password Checkup with privacy concerns of sharing your account details with anyone, including Google, in mind.

If the username and password combo are found in Google's internal database of unsafe credentials, the extension will show a popup alerting the user that he needs to change the credentials. Once installed, you will see a green-hued icon in the shape of a shield with stars in the top right corner.

Google also launched a new "Cross Account Protection" tool for websites that require you to log in with Google.

The difference between Google's Password Checkup and Firefox Monitor is that the latter will notify you of a breach that contained your email if the website has been breached during the past 12 months. For instance, Google might tell third-parties app partners that your account was hijacked or that it required you to sign in again because of suspicious account activity, but beyond that, it doesn't sound like it'll share too many details in the interest of user privacy. Also, considering that the warning comes as soon as you've logged into an account, you'll be able to change the password immediately - and you should do so once the warning arrives.

Given that literal billions of usernames and passwords have been breached over recent years it's likely that many of us have some user credentials out there that are in the hands of bad people.

"We created Cross Account Protection by working closely with other major technology companies, like Adobe, and the standards community at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and OpenID Foundation to make this easy for all apps to implement", Google said in a statement. Instead, the extension checks a database of known breaches to determine whether both the username and passwords are mentioned in a security incident, and if they are, only then it issues a warning.

In both cases, the services are relatively new, and Google will work to improve and refine them over time. We're getting this effort off the ground now, and developers can get started today to improve security for everyone, " Google noted.

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