Fort Worth man dies after vape pen explodes in store, severs artery

Authorities say William Brown died after the e-cigarette he was using exploded

Authorities say William Brown died after the e-cigarette he was using exploded

29 from a stroke due to "penetrating trauma from exploding vaporizer pen", according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner.

Brown, a resident of Fort Worth, had reportedly just bought the device and was using it for the first time in his grandmother's vehicle, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Alice Brown said a piece of the e-cigarette lodged in William Eric Brown's throat outside a vape shop.

"It just all seems so unreal".

"That three-piece thing went into his throat and stayed there, and that's what (physicians) should have taken out as soon as they got to the hospital, and they chose to wait until Monday or Tuesday", Alice Brown said.

William Brown, 24, was at the Smoke & Vape DZ store in North Fort Worth when the incident took place Tuesday.

Brown is believed to be only the second person to die in the US from an exploding vape pen.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a local vape shop on January 27.

This is the second death within the last twelve months as a result of an exploding electronic cigarette.

Brown was sitting in his auto outside a vape shop when the electronic cigarette he was using exploded, according to KXAS.

"When they x-rayed him, they found the stem, the metal embedded to where the blood flows up to the brain", Brown's grandmother, Alice Brown, told WFAA News. A medical examiner's report listed his cause of death as a "projectile wound of the head", leaving him with burns on about 80 percent of his body, the Star-Telegram reports.

A 21-year-old man from Louisiana, Mailan Krein, had his jaw broken in several places in November 2018, when a vape pen called VGod exploded in his face, according to Fox. He suffered from asthma and was told that a specialized vape pen might help improve his breathing, she told the newspaper. She said they are continuing to communicate with Brown's family and expressed their honest condolences.

Vape pens and e-cigarettes typically come with a battery and heating element and can resemble regular cigarettes, cigars or pipes, while others resemble pens or USB sticks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that the devices can cause unintended injuries, especially if the product is defective.

According to WFAA News, a man in Florida died past year after a vape pen exploded, sending debris into his skull.

A study published recently in Tobacco Control found more than 2,000 e-cigarette explosions and burn injuries in the US from 2015 to 2017.

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