EU’s Tusk says Brexiteers deserve ‘a special place in hell’

29 2016 shows the UK and EU flags outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels Belgium

29 2016 shows the UK and EU flags outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels Belgium

It's after Mr Tusk said there was a "special place in hell" for Brexit leaders who campaigned for Leave without a plan on how to implement it.

Mr Tusk and Mr Varadkar met in Brussels today before Mrs May arrives tomorrow in a desperate hope of re-writing the divorce deal just 50 days before exit day.

Some Brexiteers have predicted that the EU's seemingly stubborn stance is only a negotiating tactic and Brussels will eventually succumb to United Kingdom pressure and offer a better deal with an altered or removed backstop.

Mr Varadkar plans to travel to Belfast on Friday to meet all the main political parties.

But the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) which props up May's government says it could endanger the province's place in the United Kingdom, while Brexit supporters in May's Conservative Party worry it locks the country into European Union rules.

For weeks, they have been begging May to tell them - exactly - what she wants amended in the withdrawal agreement, so that it can pass her divided House of Commons.

Since British lawmakers voted down the withdrawal agreement last month, parliament has instructed May to replace its most contentious element - an insurance policy covering the possible future arrangements for the border between EU-member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland.

Mr Tusk's Twitter account is not the only social media platform he has used to aim barbed comments at United Kingdom politicians.

"I think that what he has said is pretty unacceptable and pretty disgraceful", she told the BBC. "This is why we insist on the backstop".

"They are people who have acted with absolute contempt for this country, utter disregard for the experiences of Irish people north and south, with utter disregard for the peace process that has been collectively built over decades", McDonald said.

Brexiteers deserve a special place in hell for campaigning for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union with no plan on how to achieve it, one of Brussels' most senior figures has said. In an incendiary claim that threatens to blow up Theresa May's hopes of a renegotiation of the Irish border, the EU Council President used a press conference with the Irish premier to say he "wondered" what the place looks like.

Neither will the deal's "backstop" that ensures an open Irish border, he said, denouncing the British eurosceptics now pushing for an abrupt "no deal" departure.

He said the actions of the Prime Minister and the British government outlined the need for the backstop and said Ireland was continuing to ramp up preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

Saying Britain would leave as a "trusted friend" if it drops objections to giving Ireland a "backstop" guarantee on the border, Tusk's blunt language hinted at the hostility London may face if fails to find a compromise with its European neighbours.

She spoke of an "unshakeable" commitment to avoiding a hard border in Ireland after Brexit, pledging: "The UK Government will not let that happen".

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