As Count Rises, Health Officials Say Measles Outbreak Could Last Months

A hospital security worker who declined to be identified stands at a door at Peace Health Southwest

A hospital security worker who declined to be identified stands at a door at Peace Health Southwest

Twenty-five of the 35 confirmed patients are children under 10 years old. Of those cases, 30 people were not immunized and four of them were not verified. Rep. Paul Harris, who represents Clark County, says his bill in the House is aiming to get personal exemptions off the table only when it comes to the measles. Writer Mariel Gaza pointed out that, notably, the core areas where measles began to spread rapidly are those whose local laws allowed parents to refuse vaccination for their children for whatever personal reason, specifically OR and Washington states.

The county released a list of public places where infected children visited, which included several schools and churches, the Portland, Oregon airport and a Costco.

Symptoms of measles typically appear between 10 to 14 days after a person has been exposed to the virus.

Measles is a contagious virus that spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing.

Once common, the disease is now rare due to the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. Two children with measles recently traveled from Washington to Hawaii.

The MMR vaccine and MMRV vaccine are usually given in two doses to young children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

"While most people who catch measles will recover completely within a couple of weeks, it's important to remember measles can be a very serious illness that can leave permanent disability, and occasionally even kill".

Since then nine new cases have been confirmed, all in Clark County, which borders Portland, Ore., creating concern in that state as well.

It is the second-greatest number since measles was considered eradicated in the USA in 2000.

Measles is a highly contagious virus and can cause permanent brain damage and in some cases can be fatal.

According to the CDC, 2018 was the thirds year in a row that there was a rise in number of children entering school without having been vaccinated with MMR.

To keep your child safe and strengthen herd immunity, be assured that there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that vaccines cause autism.

A mere 1.2 percent were for medical reasons, while the rest were for "conscientious objector" or "philosophical/personal beliefs".

One of the hot spots is the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, Spokane and Portland.

'Last year, I co-authored an article identifying the hotpots of anti-vaxxers, ' he told She knows some people in her community choose not to vaccinate their kids, and she says it's not worth putting her family at risk. Washington and OR are two of 18 U.S. states that allow this.

"We should all be anxious when a vaccine-preventable illness is coming back into our country", Sammons said.

'It's this awful self-inflicted wound that never should have happened'.

Washington declared a state of emergency last week to better handle the ongoing outbreak, the Tri-Cities Herald reported.

There have been no new cases in Wasco or Hood River counties.

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