Telescopes capture moment of impact during eclipse of moon

Photo: ‘Super blood wolf moon’ inks Durango skies

Photo: ‘Super blood wolf moon’ inks Durango skies

If witnessing a "super blood wolf moon" wasn't enough of a rare astronomical display, some eagle eye observers captured a meteoroid striking the lunar orb during the eclipse. He added that he and colleagues had for years hoped to observe a meteorite impact on the moon during a total lunar eclipse. "Since January's full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, that's led some to christen tonight's lunar event a Super Blood Wolf Moon".

Jose Maria Madiedo, an astronomer from the University of Huelva in Spain, confirmed that the tiny flash caught by telescopes was indeed a meteorite impact, estimating it to have a mass between 2 and 10 kilograms and about the size of a football.

The impact occurred during the totality phase of the eclipse at 11:41 p.m. ET, Gizmodo reported. The MIDAS project uses data from several astronomical observatories throughout the country to track flashes on the moon's surface and gather information about the rate of lunar impacts, which in turn can tell astronomers about the frequency of impacts in the Earth's atmosphere.

The biggest news in astronomy and space fanatic circles over the last week or so has been the total lunar eclipse that happened recently.

A meteor has hit the moon! After one Reddit user asked what the flash might have been, astronomers across social media began sifting through video feeds of the eclipse, suspecting a meteor impact.

According to ancient astronaut theorists, the lunar eclipse this weekend had an unexpected visitor.

"I had a feeling, this time will be the time it will happen", he said. "It was a very exciting moment because I knew such a thing had never been recorded before".

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