Fortnite Week 5: Dance on top of Water Tower CHALLENGE guide

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Challenges

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Challenges

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 challenges are here and, with them, is our Fortnite stage 1 dance on top of water tower guide. (Collecting 10 Battle Stars will unlock one additional tier.) Weekly challenges are available for anyone who purchases the Season 7 Battle Pass, which can be had for 950 in-game "V-Bucks", or roughly $10. The next stage is to dance on a Ranger Station, which is the tower at Lonely Lodge, and the final dance location is an air traffic control tower, which can be found at Frosty Flights. There are only three stages to this challenge and is quite simple to complete.

Dealing damage to opponent structures is obviously best done with explosive weapons.

We've collected those challenges and explained them below just for you. The particular air traffic control tower that Fortnite players will need to dance on top of in order to complete the week 5 challenge is located in the location of Frosty Flights. When you land, make a beeline for the Battle Star and you should be fine, but be prepared to take a few attempts at it if the landing zone is hot.

Get 3 kills with a suppressed weapon.

According to the leaked information, the second area you'll need to dance upon is the ranger tower. Both of these locations will likely become very busy immediately after the challenges have gone live, so give it a day or two before diving in if you want an easy time with this challenge. Finding the former is easier as suppressed pistols are usually found as floor items or inside chests.

Battle Pass challenges: You'll need to buy the Battle Pass for the season to complete these challenges. If you've been reading my challenge posts every week, you know where I'm going to send you: Tilted Towers. You'll need to drop into or visit either of those locations and open chests. Just drop in, grab weapons and start shooting and you should have three eliminations done in a couple of matches.

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