CS:GO Adds Battle Royale Mode; Goes Free-To-Play

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Becomes Free-to-Play Gets PUBG and Fortnite Like Battle Royale Mode Prime Status Membership

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Becomes Free-to-Play Gets PUBG and Fortnite Like Battle Royale Mode Prime Status Membership

While the game is available for Xbox 360, the free-to-play and Danger Zone updates are only available for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Danger Zone is Valve's CS:GO entry into a battle royale genre dominated now by Epic Games' Fortnite, Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and PUBG Corp's PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Player counts are 16 or 18, depending on whether you play solo or in squads of three. Aptly dubbed "Danger Zone", Valve has made the mode official alongside making the game free-to-play, but it seems that not everyone supports the move. This is one of the biggest changes that set Danger Zone apart, as other battle royale games force players to seek out their opponents mostly through sight and they can mostly acquire weapons by searching for them in the map or looting fallen enemies. The XP is earned by playing Danger Zone. Streaming statistics websites TwitchTracker and SullyGnome show about that same number of viewers for last night's peak for CS:GO, which made it the highest peak for the game since the IEM Chicago grand finals on November 11. You'll also be able to earn money by completing special mini-missions like contracts and hostage rescues.

Counter-Strike became the most played online PC action game in the world nearly immediate after its release in August 1999. Players will find what they can, order what they need, and prepare for the unexpected.

This information comes alongside the announcement that the full game is going free-to-play.

The current environment for shooting games is centered around the two tentpole features embodied by the genre's current leader Fortnite: free-to-play and battle royale mode.

In an effort to woo developers and get more games on its platform, Valve recently announced that it will take a smaller cut of games' revenues after they reach a specific milestone.

After launching in August of 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has continued to remain a popular eSports title. This cash can then be used to upgrade your tablet, buy new weapons, and more. In this new mode, users can drop into "Blacksite" in a match with up to 18 players.

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