Google's cellular service gets rebranded, offers support for iPhones

Google can now be your wireless carrier even if you have an iPhone

Google can now be your wireless carrier even if you have an iPhone

The company says "the majority of Android devices and iPhones" are compatible with the network (although not all phones support all Fi features).

Google Fi's Network Tools feature will not work on iPhones.

When it comes to iPhones, iMessage works just fine but you will have to update your iPhone's MMS settings to send and receive texts with non-iPhones. Google calls this "Bill Protection", but do know that data is slowed (but still free) for the rest of the month if you go use over 15 GB on your plan, according to Google.

Second, rather than connecting to a single cellular network, a Fi phone will connect to Sprint, T-Mobile, or US Cellular, depending on network conditions. Fi app users are also now receiving the new Network Tools suite, which includes the ability to rout all Wi-Fi and cellular internet traffic through Google's own VPN.

A few other reasons I've been using Fi for the past year or so include free tethering, no additional charge for global data, and relatively affordable worldwide phone calls.

Google's Project service is no called Google Fi
Google's Project service is no called Google

Reading the tea leaves, however, the Google Fi announcement signals to customers who love the service that Google isn't planning to scrap it anytime soon.

You can check to see whether your phone is compatible and which Fi features it supports here. This year Google expanded the service with a few more phones, including models from LG and Motorola. You can officially use your iPhone on Google Fi. Then you'll need a phone that's officially created to support Fi.

Google does say that the "full Google Fi experience" might not be available to any ol' phone you bring over and is instead reserved for phones "designed for Fi", like the ones they sell.

While Google's gearing up to make its big announcement of Project Fi availability on a wider range of devices, including flagships like Apple's iPhone XS, Samsung's Galaxy S9 and the OnePlus 6, DroidLife notes in its reporting that even though Project-Fi support is coming to more devices, the current slate of "Fi-friendly" phones offered by Google, directly, will always "provide the best overall user experience for subscribers". Google is offering up to $999 in travel gift cards with the purchase of a phone and trade-in credit if you turn in an old device.

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