Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis slug it out in Florida governor's debate

Andrew Gillum a Democrat would be the first black governor of Florida if elected

Andrew Gillum a Democrat would be the first black governor of Florida if elected

"It doesn't get more divisive than the dream defenders, and to this day, Andrew Gillum has not condemned the dream defenders", DeSantis said. "He has spoken at racist conferences".

"It is not to advance a political agenda or pick topics that are personal to me and use the office to sue anybody I can come up with even if I don't have a legal basis to do it", Moody said. When asked to return that money he said no, he's now using that money to fund negative ads.

On the debate stage Wednesday night with DeSantis, Gillum parried attacks over his acceptance of tickets to the Broadway play "Hamilton" while on a trip to NY in 2016 and called them a distraction from real issues in the race.

"I'm pretty sure the oath I take is to uphold the Florida constitution and so while we may disagree on some things absolutely I believe there is a role to play and we will find out".

With that remark, cheers and claps came from the audience, prompting the moderator to ask them to settle down.

"A hit dog will holler". The documents differ from Gillum's account on Sunday when he denied during a Florida gubernatorial debate that the tickets were a gift.

Democratic consultant Steve Schale, though, thinks Gillum is winning and the debate didn't hand DeSantis the game-changing moment he needed. I did get my ticket for Hamilton from my brother.

DeSantis, a Republican, reacted heatedly.

"I don't know how many voters it's going to affect but. he's now back on his heels", said Brian Burgess, a Tallahassee GOP consultant and former spokesman for Gov.

He believes the increased age limit for buying rifles will be found unconstitutional.

Gillum said he would have pushed for a stronger bill than Scott signed.

"So you want to talk about division?"

Gillum, who graduated from historically black Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, made a point earlier in the speech to mention that he was a FAMU Rattler.

Since the opening days of the general election contest between Gillum and DeSantis, race has been a subtext, with DeSantis receiving criticism for his choice of words during an interview with Fox News. Gillum said he would push for an expansion of Medicaid to bring 800,000 low-income Floridians into the program.

Gillum defended his proposal to raise corporate income taxes. "They will stop people from investing in Florida". It will be a historic mistake'. Kemp, who is overseeing the election, is under fire for putting at least 53,000 voter applications on hold, 70 percent of them for black voters, plus purging voter rolls and enacting other policies that critics say are aimed at suppressing minority turnout to sink Abrams' bid to be America's first black woman governor. Some people lost access, ' DeSantis said. "Andrew supports a single-payer plan which will force people off Medicare, force people off their employer plans and put them on a government-run single-payer plan that is wrong".

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