Seven of the Most Devastating Hurricane Michael Photos You'll Ever See

Seven of the Most Devastating Hurricane Michael Photos You'll Ever See

Seven of the Most Devastating Hurricane Michael Photos You'll Ever See

"Now that the storm has passed through Florida and Georgia, PDA has reached out to the impacted presbyteries and will be deploying national response teams early next week, as well as offering emergency grants". Soon enough, Mexico Beach's emerald waters and sugar-sand beaches were covered in a dark sea of debris, she said.

In the meantime, search and rescue is the priority.

High winds, downed trees, streets inundated by rising waters and multiple rescues of motorists from waterlogged cars played out around Virginia and neighbouring North Carolina. "I'm very concerned about our citizens that didn't evacuate and I just hope that, you know, we don't have much loss of life".

About 4,000 members of Florida's national guard have been called up to deal with the storm, including 500 added on Saturday. It was the first time he had almost 2 feet of water in his home.

Before and after images reveal formerly lush green neighborhoods in the small community that have been completely wiped out - with most homes and businesses completely flattened or heavily damaged.

"Everybody just needs to help each other right now", Scott said after meeting with emergency responders in the Panama City area. "You want to check on things and begin the recovery process", Scott said. On Thursday, supported by dogs, drones and Global Positioning System devices, they found homes in places where they were not a day before, making it hard to do a methodical house-to-house survey. They worry about their kids getting into school.

"At this point, if I had to rewind, all the animals would be in the vehicle and we would have just been heading north", said Theiss, 54.

Some residents were packing up and getting as far away as they could.

Like thousands of other people across the Florida Panhandle, Krista Miller was urged to evacuate her home in Apalachicola before Hurricane Michael roared ashore.

In borrowing from AccuWeather and its list of the six worst October Hurricanes, we can go to recent memory including 2016's Hurricane Matthew which killed 603 people; Superstorm Sandy of 2012 blamed for 233 deaths; sixty-two people died in 2005's Hurricane Wilma; Hurricane Mitch of 1998 was incredibly deadly with 19,325 deaths recorded and Hurricane Opal in 1995 where 63 people lost their lives.

"It is going to go fast", Trump said in an interview with "Fox and Friends".

Bay County, which is where Panama City is located, only has 30 percent cellphone coverage.

Michael charged ashore near the small Florida Panhandle town of Mexico Beach as one of the most powerful storms in US history, with winds of up to 155 miles per hour (250 km per hour). "Could be even years". His mobile home wasn't on the beach but when it suddenly began floating during the hurricane, he jumped out and swam to a fishing boat and clambered aboard.

"This was the strongest and harshest storm I'd ever seen", Duncan said. "But I made it". It was unclear how numerous others might have gotten out at the last minute.

In hard-hit Mexico Beach alone, state officials say, 285 people in Mexico Beach defied a mandatory evacuation order ahead of Michael. It's unclear how many people stayed behind in nearby communities. Some of them successfully rode out the storm.

"I stayed because my parents didn't want to leave".

Despite the widespread destruction, LaFountain said he believes most people will rebuild.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chief Brock Long said many buildings were not built to withstand a storm above the strength of a Category 3 hurricane.

Humphress, who spent the night in his truck on a bridge near Mexico Beach, said he didn't see anyone dead.

Authorities have set up distribution centres to dole out food and water to victims.

Zooming in closer on the marina, the debris from houses is piled up on the northern shore of the canal. The vast majority are in Florida and Georgia.

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