Jimmy Butler returned to Timberwolves practice and reportedly yelled at everyone

Jimmy Butler has heated practice with Timberwolves

Jimmy Butler has heated practice with Timberwolves

I know this won't be a popular take for a lot of Minnesota Timberwolves' fans or National Basketball Association fans in general, but Jimmy Butler loves himself more than anything at the moment. That's raw me, me at my finest, me at purest.

Forward Anthony Tolliver and guard Jeff Teague took a few Butler-related questions after practice, but neither would even fully confirm that Butler practiced. "I don't know if it will give you five or seven more years of winning".

So, ESPN was just conveniently in Minnesota on the day Butler practices with the team?

"I'm going to be honest, if your number one priority isn't winning, people can tell", he said (via ESPN).

A couple of Butler's teammates were particularly vague when asked about Butler's level of participation in practice on Wednesday.

"Everybody may not want to say it, but you know it, I can tell whenever you're stuttering or gathering your words, like, if it's the truth, boom, it's coming out right away, you don't need to think about how to say it". Tucker and Gordon are on the books for a combined $22.3 million next season, less than the maximum deal that Butler will presumably want, meaning the Rockets would also be taking on significant financial risk with Butler. Butler and his camp are probably just trying to ease some of the pressure and vile feelings that are being thrown his way. Richardson, 25, who's considered a strong, young two-way player, averaged 12.9 points in 81 starts last season.

We can not let Jimmy Butler talk fans and young basketball players into thinking that being "overly emotional" is a true quality of a leader, it's not being able to control your emotions that makes you immature and someone who can not lead others.

Tolliver said he's never been through a situation quite like this with a team.

"Whenever opening night happens, we'll go out there and play with who we've got".

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