Washington dairy and the USMCA

Dairy farmers in Ontario are expressing concern about the new USMCA trade deal

Dairy farmers in Ontario are expressing concern about the new USMCA trade deal

While some Wisconsin farmers are happy about the new trade deal President Trump negotiated with Canada and Mexico, others are skeptical.

"China has initiated an unprecedented effort to influence American public opinion, the 2018 elections, and the environment leading into the 2020 presidential elections", Pence said in a speech at the conservative Hudson Institute. "China wants a different American President", Pence said.

China angrily denounced on Friday renewed U.S. allegations that it was interfering in upcoming American midterm elections. China responded with $60bn in tariffs on American products. "They do not want me, or us, to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade".

While touting USMCA as a good deal for Canadians by securing access to its largest trading partner and the largest market in the world, Trudeau acknowledged farmers' sacrifices. The new U.S. -Mexico-Canada agreement would sunset Class 7 and open wider Canada's need for milk products to American businesses. "Canada's closed and supply-controlled system had embarked on a program that essentially dumped milk proteins on world markets and moved American dairy farming and processing jobs, along with thousands of additional high-quality jobs, from the U.S.to Canada".

The initial hope for the U.S.is that the new round tariffs signals its relentlessness on the application of pressure to force China's hand in making a deal when actual negotiations finally materialize.

Pence also slammed China's militarization of contested areas in the South and East China Sea, its practice of "debt diplomacy" in developing countries, and its efforts to convince other nations to sever ties with Taiwan.

Pence followed that up, saying intelligence assessments found that China is targeting US state and local governments as well as officials to exploit any divisions between federal and local levels on policy. In September past year, in the middle of playing host to American trade negotiators to revive Nafta/USMCA, he flew to Xiamen to attend the 9th summit of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) nations.

Bloomberg Businessweek cited 17 unnamed intelligence and company sources as saying that Chinese spies had placed computer chips inside equipment used by about 30 companies, as well as multiple US government agencies, which would give Beijing secret access to internal networks.

They also said it was the first time a senior United States official had delivered such a "broadside" against China on an array of issues.

Pence accused the Chinese of suppressing its citizens at home with the creation of "an unparalleled surveillance state", of brutally repressing religious minorities and of oppressing countries overseas through loan programs that favor Beijing and leave those nations beholden to China.

In what was billed as a major policy address, Pence sought to build on President Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations last week in which he alleged that China was attempting to meddle in the pivotal November 6 elections to punish him for of his trade stance.

Mr Pence said: "As a senior career member of our intelligence community recently told me, what the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country". He condemns a Chinese ship passing this week within about 40 meters of the USS Decatur, calling it "reckless harassment".

"Our government will continue to vigorously defend and advance Ontario's economic interests", Ford said.

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