Jewish Kavanaugh accuser says his ascension to Supreme Court 'unthinkable'

NBC News

NBC News

Swetnick does not accuse him of raping her, knowing she was attacked, helping to assault her, or anything of the sort.

Michael Avenatti got a scathing response to his demands that his client, Julie Swetnick, and her accusations be investigated in the Brett Kavanaugh probe.

Swetnick has claimed Kavanaugh and his high school friends spiked punch to get her and other girls drunk, then gang-raped them at almost a dozen parties she attended in suburban Maryland in the early 1980s.

"NBC News, for the record, has not been able to independently verify her claims".

A committee press release touting the letter, titled "Judiciary Committee Receives Statement Regarding Swetnick Allegations", emphasized excerpts from the letter focused on accuser Julie Swetnick's alleged past sexual practices and provided a link to the full letter.

He called her story "nonsense" and a "farce."You know what I say to that?" said Swetnick". He also described her as "an opportunist" who sought him out at the bar where he said they first met.

'I felt like someone took me and said you are worthless, you are nothing to us, you are disposable'.

Swetnick attorney Michael Avenatti called the statement "bogus and outrageous" and called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to interview Swetnick and Ketterer to assess their truthfulness. "And as Trump said yesterday, they can interview just about any one they want".

"The letter from Dennis Ketterer is garbage - the GOP is desperate", he tweeted.

The statement's release reflected Republicans' aggressive tactics to fight the allegations against Kavanuagh, who is now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh threw her on a bed and tried to rape her when they were teenagers. He denies all claims of misconduct. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are actively trying to assassinate her character.

"We have already reviewed your client's allegations", said Davis.

Eventually, he said, one church leader reached out to a former LDS bishop who had a connection to the office of Sen.

Utah senator Orrin Hatch is facing backlash Wednesday for tweeting the account of a Utah man, who says he dated one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accusers. Due to her having a directly stated penchant for group sex, I decided not to see her anymore.

Many media outlets have reported that the FBI investigation may come to a close as early as today and a vote on the Senate floor might come as soon as Friday.

Kavanaugh said Swetnick is lying. Swetnik has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. He said he lost her number, so he called her father, who told him she had "psychological and other problems" at that time. She seemed unfazed when Snow informed her that Ford's allegation became public only two weeks prior to their Sunday, September 30 interview.

"This has nothing to do with party - it really doesn't", he said. "I don't remember". Where is the place [the party was held]?

Avenatti used Twitter on Tuesday to release a written declaration from a second woman whose statements supported Swetnick's claims.

She claimed there are other people that knew about the parties. Swetnick says she very much wants to talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She stopped short of claiming that the now 53-year-old jurist drugged or sexually assaulted her or other women. The Washington Post reported in 1995 that Ketterer was sacked by WJLA after he was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.

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