GOP senator: Still "work to do" to get Kavanaugh confirmed

The committee vote will have followed a riveting hearing on September 27 where Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, and Kavanaugh provided vastly different accounts of what happened in the summer of 1982.

Sen. Flake met with Democrats behind closed doors after the meeting before calling for a delay in the full Senate floor vote. This is ridiculous, what a railroad job.

Durbin continued at this point to have Kavanaugh address the matter.

Shortly after he announced he would vote in favor of confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday morning, Flake was cornered in an elevator by a sexual assault survivor who pleaded with him to change his vote. Kavanaugh, now 53, vehemently denied the allegations.

Democrats have for almost two weeks been calling on the bureau to look into the allegations against Kavanaugh and repeatedly pressed the nominee to support that demand at a hearing Thursday where Ford testified.

"This was someone who was aggressive and belligerent. I tried to yell for help", Ms Ford said.

"Where is the bravery in this room?" Meanwhile, Ford said during her testimony earlier that day that she was "100 percent" sure Kavanaugh assaulted her. "I was underneath one of them while the two laughed". "Cause I'm gonna 'believe her'".

"Well, it's not up to you", said Blumenthal.

Republicans are reluctant for several reasons, including the likelihood that further investigations could push a vote past the November elections that may switch Senate control back to the Democrats and make consideration of any Trump nominee more hard.

After a dramatic flurry of last-minute negotiations, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh cleared a key procedural hurdle, but his confirmation prospects were still deeply uncertain as Republicans agreed to ask for a new FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations. Ford has emerged in the eyes of many American women as a compelling figure in the #MeToo movement usually associated less with the names of victims and more with a list of high-profile men accused of misconduct.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted 11-10 along party lines to advance the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate floor. "They're not answering because this is so unfair, Mr. Chairman", said another unseen Democratic senator. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, two Republicans who have been willing to buck party leaders before.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) listened to testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser on Thursday during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

Repeatedly Democrats asked Kavanaugh to call for an FBI investigation into the claims. "That's why I have the unanimous, well qualified rating from the American Bar Association". Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) are considering voting "yes" on Kavanaugh. He would replace the retiring Supreme Court swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, possibly cementing a conservative majority for a generation. The bureau will not conclude whether the accusers are believable or not, or tell the White House whether it should withdraw Kavanaugh's nomination.

Trump called for senators to act quickly after the hearing, a message echoed by top White House aides early on Friday.

The new timeline puts Trump's nominee in further peril and pushes the politically risky vote for senators closer to the November congressional elections.

What they will not do is admit they were wrong to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist, or a rapist, or a sexual assaulter, or a drunk, or a perjurer, or a hothead unfit for the bench.

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