Trump claims he rejected a one-on-one NAFTA meeting with Trudeau

Trump's comments came as relations between himself and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to hit a new low. He was asked if he had denied Trudeau a request for face time while the two leaders were at the UN.

Trump has said "a few times" that a new deal would mitigate the tariff issue, Trudeau said. "I've told him forget about it", Trump remarked Wednesday during a news conference on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.

But the president wasn't done.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has noted that there remains "some distance" between the US and Canada, specifically on how to settle trade disputes in the future, and about US access to the Canadian dairy market.

"That's the motherload, that's the big one", Trump told reporters.

"We're thinking about taxing cars coming in from Canada", he said. Canada imposed tariffs on $12.5 billion of United States goods, including steel, toffee, maple syrup, coffee beans and strawberry jam.

The Canadian leader added existing USA tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium, which were implemented in late May, would have to be scrapped before Canada felt confident in signing a new NAFTA agreement.

Trudeau spoke a day after Trump blasted Canada's negotiating position, said he had rejected the Canadian leader's request for a one-on-one meeting and threatened to impose tariffs on cars imported from Canada.

Trump and Trudeau share a rocky history. But Trudeau refused to answer whether he feels the president lied.

The problem? The prime minister's officer said there was no meeting to reject, as it had never suggested one.

Trump, who wants major changes to the 1994 treaty, has already concluded a text with Mexico and is threatening to leave out Canada unless it signs up by this Sunday.

The pressure, of course, is mounting.

The prime minister made the comment after being asked about USA trade ambassador Robert Lighthizer's recent glum assessment of the talks, which remain deadlocked over issues like dispute resolution, access to Canada's dairy market and the so-called Section 232 tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

Observers say the patience of USA lawmakers is waning, particularly with a good deal with Mexico on the table.

That's because they want to submit it to Congress before the American midterms on November 6 and before the Mexican government changes hands on December 1. The U.S. president stayed seated as he extended his hand for a cursory handshake. "But it will probably or possibly be just USM", he said suggesting it will likely only include the US and Mexico.

The official declined to be named because the matter has not yet been made public.

Trudeau, who was standing, tapped Trump's shoulder to greet him.

In response, Trump lambasted the prime minister on Twitter as being "very dishonest & weak".

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