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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

You can download the latest version of Chrome for Android from Google Play Store.

For that, we are exceedingly grateful. But as Chrome evolves to better understand what tasks you're trying to get done, it can help manage all this complexity for you as you switch back and forth between hotel research and booking flights.

For the developers out there, Google has introduced a bevy of new features, including Scroll Snap for CSS and display notches.

We love the Chrome Dinosaur game, the one that appears and soothes the feeling of frustration you get when trying to surf the web in Chrome when you have no internet access. Speaking to Wired, Chrome engineering manager Adrienne Porter Felt, described today's URLs as 'hard to read, it's hard to know which part of them is supposed to be trusted, and in general I don't think URLs are working as a good way to convey site identity. Google has already gotten the Material Design 2 ball rolling on its other apps and services so it was only a matter of time before Chrome got its cleaner and more rounded theme.

If you use Chrome on your phone, there's one big UI change that sticks out like a sore - forgive me - thumb.

Chrome Passwords

Yes, it's nearly hard to believe that Chrome is both just 10 years old and already 10 years old at the same time.

For example, the shape of tabs has been tweaked to make website icons easier to see.

On top of that, Chrome now also lets you search for a website in your Omnibox.

The rounded shapes extend all the way to the recently used pages. There's a new tab page with more customisation options, and a horizontal tab switcher as well. Google VP for Product Management Rahul Roy-Chowdhury shares the things they are cooking up in the Chrome kitchen. A random password generator is now built-in and Chrome can auto-save these passwords within its password manager (log into Google account to use this feature). Lastly, Google Chrome can now automatically generate password suggestions so you don't have to come up with your own passwords. This warning text will soon be red, emphasising that users should not use these sites.

Google's Chrome has become the go-to web browser for many. Now you can complete simple search tasks right in the Omnibox without leaving your tab, such as looking up the definition of a word, translating text, or even answering simple questions with definitive answers. Google says the Omnibox will return definitions in the drop-down results as you type as well as information about people and other subjects.

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