Google’s new Pixel 3 will fight iPhone from October

Google officially names Android 9 ‘Pie’ rolling out to Pixels today and other devices this

Google officially names Android 9 ‘Pie’ rolling out to Pixels today and other devices this

Google surprised us all with the full stable launch of Android 9.0 today, also revealing the flavor of this Android version in the process: Pie.

Google has added several new AI features to Android Pie, too.

Switching back and forth between apps is something most of us do on our phones each day. But to get the beta version of WellBeing a user must have the Android 9 Pie.

The Pixel phones have been widely praised for their photographic capability but, perhaps more importantly, they are also at the forefront of any Android updates.

It was posted on FameBit, Google's own YouTube influencer marketing platform, as an advert offering money to content creators in Canada who are willing to promote the new phone in return for cold, hard cash.

New system navigation: Re-design of Android's system navigation to help make it simpler to search and move between apps. You'll then be connecting your phone to your PC and manually pushing the system update file to your phone by running commands. This link sends you to Google's hub for all OTA images of Android released for every Pixel and Nexus device. Unlike Samsung, which keeps bringing its Note launches forward, Google isn't interested in beating new iPhones to market.

An app timer is kind of like parental controls, but for yourself, because you can't stop using your smartphone? Likewise, adaptive brightness learns your display preferences for different types of light and will automatically make adjustments.

Coming this fall is a new Android Pie feature called Slices.

App timer will notify you when you've hit a certain time limit for using any specific app. Not only it introduces features like WellBeing - aimed at detoxifying the digital lives of smart users - but also comes with a number of under-the-hood features that use more machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict the ways in which people use their phones.

You can activate the Wind Down feature so that at night, as you get close to bedtime, your device goes into Do Not Disturb mode and your screen fades to grayscale to help you disconnect.

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