Venezuelan government: Explosions were attempted attack on President Nicolas Maduro

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Maduro and those standing around him, including Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, were fine.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro watches a military parade, alongside his Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, behind, at Fort Tiuna in Caracas, Venezuela.

Dozens of soldiers were seen running away before the broadcast was cut off.

Reuters reports that the controversial president was giving a speech about Venezuela's economy as well as celebrating the national guard's 81st anniversary.

A televised speech by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at a military ceremony was abruptly cut short on Saturday after explosions were reportedly heard nearby.

The drones, loaded with explosives, detonated near the presidential box.

A video shows Ms Flores wince, and both she and Mr Maduro look up after an unidentified sound.

The authorities confirmed the incident was an attempted assassination.

Mr. Maduro, who has governed a country suffering from hyperinflation, hunger and rampant violence, is deeply unpopular, polls show.

GettySecurity forces and members of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) check a building after an explosion. Larissa Costas later tweeted that seven soldiers were injured during the attack.

The soldiers lined up in ranks then begin running.

Firefighters at the scene were disputing the government's account, AP said.

Mr Rodriguz defiantly said "Whoever carried out this attack failed".

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