Zimbabwe's ruling party wins majority in parliament, EU questions poll

23% of legislative results Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF takes lead

23% of legislative results Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF takes lead

Zimbabwe's police say they have invoked a strict security act that forbids public gatherings after security forces swept into the capital to disperse hundreds of opposition protesters angry over Monday's election results.

Soldiers have opened fire with guns, water cannons and tear gas, as opposition demonstrators burned cars and threw rocks at helicopters hovering above.

"They are trying to protest so they can get fair results", said Elisha Pfigu, a 31-year-old street vendor who warily watched soldiers at an intersection.

"I believe that the parliamentary results were released first as a psychological ploy to dampen opposition expectations regarding the presidential vote", Prof.

On the other hand, former Advisor to the late MDC President Alex Magaisa has complained that ZEC's failure to jointly announce Presidential elections results together with House of Assembly is a ploy by the elections management body to rig polls in favour of Mnangagwa.

Former Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the lead observer of a United States monitoring mission, said: "The more the presidential vote is delayed, the more it calls into question the population's confidence in the election process".

The assessments are critical for Zimbabwe, because foreign governments, including the USA, have made any financial aid conditional on holding democratic elections.

"The longer it lasts, the more the issue of lack of credibility arises", lead European Union observer Elmar Brok said.

MDC did not immediately respond to the parliamentary results but earlier on Wednesday party leader and presidential contender Nelson Chamisa, 40, said the presidential results were being faked.

Supporters of the opposition party tore down a billboard of incumbent Mr Mnangagwa, and marched to the gates of the electoral commission, which were padlocked by police.

"This is due to the fact that the degree of disturbances of law and order have reached a magnitude where by the regular police officers and the reserve members have been unable to cope", said Senior Assistant Commissioner Charamba.

The leader of the opposition, Nelson Chamisa, tweeted that he had "won".

The EU did not understand why the release of the presidential result was taking so long, he said.

It said it had observed several problems, including media bias, voter intimidation and mistrust in the electoral commission, adding that there was an "improved political climate, but un-level playing field and lack of trust". "A lot of the protesters I've spoken to say, 'We don't need to see any more".

Observers from the Southern African Development Community and the African Union will also deliver reports on the polls.

The EU mission has criticised the delay in announcing the presidential results.

It followed a surprise press conference at his home on Sunday at which he stunned observers and called for voters to reject ZANU-PF, his former party.

Ruhanya said: "It seems the results so far could indicate the will of the people, especially the rural population, to be ruled by ZANU-PF".

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