Equality Florida and Planned Parenthood protest Trump's Supreme Court pick

Vice President Pence says he still wants Roe vs. Wade overturned won't say where Trump's SCOTUS pick stands

Vice President Pence says he still wants Roe vs. Wade overturned won't say where Trump's SCOTUS pick stands

Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). told a reporter Thursday.

On Kavanaugh's chances to be confirmed by the time the new Supreme Court session begins in October, Grassley said that "with the possibility of getting five or six Democrats and all the Republicans sticking together, yes, but if all the Republicans don't stick together and the Democrats smell blood, then I don't think we'll get any Democrats".

Women who have served as law clerks for Judge Brett Kavanaugh have written a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee encouraging the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation.

The letter states "Trump has repeatedly promised to appoint justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade" and "his nomination of Judge Kavanaugh is a reliable way to fulfill his oath.' His record is attacked in a form of litany: contraception and religious organizations, other forms of medical care, transgender patients, family privacy, sexual liberty and LGBT discrimination".

While Democrats don't likely have the votes to stop the nomination, they're all but guaranteed to do what they can to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation. "Even before President Trump made the announcement, it was clear that this was going to be a partisan battle". Federal circuit judges make about $220,000 annually, and Kavanaugh also earned $27,000 from teaching at Harvard Law School past year.

"I will do extensive research, consult with a lot of people, do an in-depth personal interview and watch the hearings", Collins said. In the spring and summer of 2017, Democrats in Congress and progressive activists rallied opposition to the GOP plan to gut Obamacare, eventually creating enough of a backlash that, after months of protests, Republicans in the Senate fell short of delivering the long-promised overhaul. If all Democrats band together against Kavanaugh, they would still need one Republican to cross over to defeat him. On top of that, Minnesota is one of the handful of states that pays for abortions for low-income patients who can't afford one.

Regarding Kavanaugh being poorer than the others, many of whom had considerable earnings during years of non-government legal work, Shah said, "He's devoted his life to public service".

"We already know the answers to these questions, Tim Kaine. Stop playing political games and help us #StopKavanaugh".

She watched and snapped photos as Kavanaugh was serving meals to the homeless outside of Catholic Charities in downtown Washington, D.C. "Some things are worth fighting for", Fallon said.

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