Gotham's Fifth And Final Season Won't Arrive Until 2019

Gotham's Fifth And Final Season Won't Arrive Until 2019

Gotham's Fifth And Final Season Won't Arrive Until 2019

It appears that Gotham may be renewed for a fifth 13 episode season allowing the series to reach it's 100th episode and maybe even beyond. According to an entertainment website, the final installment will revolve around Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman.

Gotham season 4 ends on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX. Gotham is now made by Fox, the same studio that got rid of Brooklyn Nine-Nine before NBC came to the rescue.

It probably makes sense to do a time jump, especially considering Bruce Wayne is still a teenager.

If anything, Gotham is pretty lucky to have been renewed for another season because the past week saw Fox cancelling several beloved television series such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Last Man on Earth, and The Mick. But again FOX has not officially revealed how long this final season will be. The insanely dark arc, which also featured a Killing Joke episode, is wrapping with Gotham's version of the cataclysmic "No Man's Land" comic storyline, which could set the stage for an even more unpredictable narrative in Season 5, and now that the creative team knows this will be the last batch of episodes, they will nearly definitely craft something fans will be rave about, with Bruce Wayne possibly becoming Batman before the season's end. It struggled to pull in the DC Comics fans despite stellar writing and out-of-the-park acting performances.

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On Sunday, Mazouz celebrated his show's renewal on social media. One good thing to take away from this news, besides the writers getting a chance to wrap up the story, is that there will be a focus on Bruce becoming the Batman.

But fans of the show shouldn't despair.

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