Amazon Go arrives again - This time in Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go arrives again - This time in Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go arrives again - This time in Chicago and San Francisco

The company has announced that two more Amazon Go stores are coming to major cities before the year is through.

Amazon is opening its first Amazon Go stores outside of Seattle, with cashierless store locations slated for Chicago and San Francisco.

The Seattle Times spotted job postings for store managers in each city. In February, real-estate tracker Curbed took note of a building permit for construction of a 625-square-foot Amazon store in Chicago's Loop district.

The Amazon convenience store, Amazon Go, aims at removing the persistent frustration for shoppers by eliminating the checkout line. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the top two cities that are great to live in if you love Amazon.

In January, Amazon opened its first Amazon Go store in Seattle near Amazon's headquarters after a year of testing on its employees. (NASDAQ:AMZN) likes what it sees from its futuristic cashierless store concept.

Now there is only one Amazon Go store: a small space located in the base of one of its Seattle skyscrapers that opened to the public in January.

Customers, who need to have Amazon's Go smartphone app, swipe their phone on the way into the store. Once inside, they can take soda, salads or anything else off its shelves and just walk out.

Once inside, cameras in the ceiling, sensors on the shelves and a massive amount of computing power track every item they pick up and what goes into their pockets or bags.

Amazon Go is part of a broader push by Amazon into physical retail, including its acquisition of Whole Foods, its Amazon Books stores, and AmazonFresh Pickup locations.

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