Gaza Protests: Six-Week Demonstrations Near Climax

Gaza protester wounded in border demonstration

Gaza protester wounded in border demonstration

More than 1,700 protesters have been wounded by army fire during that period.

It was the seventh weekly protest aimed at shaking off a decade-old border blockade of Gaza, and a preview of what is expected to be a much larger border rally on Monday.

Pro-Israel protesters with Israeli flags held a counter-protest near the Israeli embassy, located in South Kensington.

Ziad Elaloul, Spokesperson for the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad said Trump's decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the 14th of May is meant to challenge the global community which already rejected the decision.

Sinwar said the mass protest would be "decisive", and vowed that he and other top officials were "ready to die" in a campaign to end the blockade. "We are used to confronting the (Israeli) occupation with our bare chests", he said, a Palestinian flag draped around his head. "We are used to wars and no one with us but Allah".

Tens of thousands of Gazans are expected at tented border encampments in the coming days to protest against the opening of the United States embassy in Jerusalem. He has raised the possibility of a mass border breach, comparing protesters to a "starving tiger", unpredictable and full of pent-up anger.

Separately Egypt opened its border crossing with Gaza, the only one not with Israel, for four days Saturday.

There are growing concerns that if Israel and Hamas dig in, a widespread border breach could lead to large numbers of casualties.

These areas have remained relatively passive during the last seven weeks of the "March of Return" protests, where comparably, in the Gaza Strip since March 30 some 50 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli live fire and thousands more wounded. Many have been shot and killed by Israeli snipers. Israel says it has a right to defend its border and has accused Hamas of using the protests as a cover for attacking the border. Rights groups say the use of potentially lethal force against unarmed protesters is unlawful.

Daughter of US President Donald Trump Ivanka Trump announced on Friday she will attend the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, she expressed her feeling of being "honored" in representing the American people at this time.

Clashes were also reported in the West Bank.

Hundreds of people have rallied in front of Israel's embassy in London to protest the 70th anniversary of the country's establishment, an event Arabs call the "Nakba" or "Catastrophe".

Ultimately, some 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes - or were forcibly expelled by invading Jewish forces - while hundreds of Palestinian villages and cities were razed to the ground. More than two-thirds of Gaza residents are descendants of refugees.

From the camps, smaller groups moved closer to the fence. Egypt also restricts movement in and out of Gaza. Some flew kites with burning rags attached.

"The detection of the tunnel and its demolition is part of the ongoing effort to thwart the underground terror by Gaza-based terror groups headed by the Palestinian terror group Hamas", the military said, adding that the operation was part of increased efforts to detect tunnels using advanced technological means. The army later said the strike targeted a tunnel.

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