May is Mental Health Month

May in Mental Health Awareness Month

May in Mental Health Awareness Month

We are all affected by mental-health challenges in some way.

The designation of May as Mental Health Month was started 69 years ago by Mental Health America to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health for everyone.

The report The Government's Green Paper on Mental Health: Failing a Generation, said "the speed of delivery will leave hundreds of thousands of children with no improvements in provision for several years". "This event encourages our residents to take care of their mental health by learning about self-care and wellness tools and getting connected to services available for them". This means that schools are finding it very hard to get children the support they need'.

To this end, we are working to create a seamless system of mental-health and addictions care, where people can ask once and get help fast. Around 80 mental health professionals will attend the event to talk about the latest research into how trauma affects children locally and state-wide.

"The Green Paper also fails to adequately address the most important issue beyond the school gates, which is the lack of capacity in local NHS services for students with serious mental health problems. That's why we are calling on the Government to make this extended support mandatory to help ensure that no child falls through the cracks between children's and adult services".

The Canadian Mental Health Association said The Centre for Excellence in Recovery and Peer Support is the first of its kind in Alberta. As the report highlights, no consideration is given to the role children's centres and health visitors play in boosting very young children's emotional resilience and identifying any issues children's primary caregivers may be grappling with - a particular concern, considering the fact essential services children's centres offer are at risk due to a lack of funding'. Premier John Horgan created the new Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions - the first of its kind in Canada - so there is one person in cabinet, and one ministry in government, focused exclusively on how we can improve mental-health and addictions services and supports for all British Columbians. "We want to see more evidence that government will join up services in a way which places children and young people at their heart and that improves services to all children rather than a minority". We must also make sure the mental-health services and supports they need are there, when and where they need them.

In honor of National Mental Health Month, Solano County Mental Health Services Act Program's Wellness Recovery Unit and Seneca Family of Agencies invite the public to the 4th Annual Mental Health Month Celebration, organizers announced.

Planned reforms to children and young people's mental health services "lack any ambition" and will put additional pressure on teachers without providing schools with extra resources, two powerful parliamentary committees have warned. Adverse childhood experiences such as poor attachment or through parental alcohol and drug abuse or domestic violence can have a awful bearing on future well-being and a preventative approach in the early years must be a core part of the Government's strategy.

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