Fortnite TV Emergency Broadcast Points To Meteor Crash

Fortnite Server Down: Login and matchmaking issues hit hundreds

Fortnite Server Down: Login and matchmaking issues hit hundreds

The main theory is that it will eventually wipe out Tilted Towers, an area of the game that some players detest. It also hit the top spot by revenue on iOS in the United States in its launch month, and has the highest conversion rate of any free-to-play PC game in March. Now users even claim to see UFOs among the meteors, leading some to believe that this teaser has something to do with an alien invasion.

"Fortnite" has been on a hot spree this whole week and #Epic Games has been teasing players with various signs and clues as to what may happen for the next season. Either way, Epic is doing a great job of keeping the community on tenterhooks and it looks like we're a matter of days from finding out. "Adapt. Win" and might mean that players could be able to gain certain powers throughout the course of the game to help them survive whatever else Epic Games decides to throw in for the next season.

Will Tilted Towers be wiped out completely?

"The growth of Fortnite has been astounding to witness and getting players into structured practices ahead of the launch of a collegiate league will be extremely beneficial to our program", Buchanan added. It's unclear at this point whether Season 4 will launch directly afterward, but it's clear that it won't be too long of a downtime before the launch.

It could be possible that the superhero is here to protect the map from the impending meteor strike. It's safe to say that we should expect the new season within the next couple of weeks - bringing a host of new rewards to loyal fans of the battle royale king.

According to PCGamesN, the timing of the superhero image is ideal for the game since the new Avengers movie has been released. With the fourth season of the Battle Pass for Battle Royale, it looks like from what we know that Epic Games is going to make this the most epic season yet.

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