Apple hires former Samsung vice president to tackle Korea

Apple iphone

Apple iphone

A report carried by Apple news site PED3.0, Michael Olson, a senior researcher with Piper Jaffray, found that 44 percent of the respondents who didn't want to upgrade to the iPhone X said that they disliked the idea because their current iPhones worked fine.

Apple is expected to unveil the new 2018 iPhone line-up later this year, but right now the Cupertino-headquartered tech giant is facing testing times, with a leaked report suggesting the iPhone X is essentially "dead".

It is widely believed that Apple will come out three new iPhone models in 2018- two iPhone X variants and a lower-priced, mid-range iPhone model.

The argument behind the request to reduce the cost comes from Apple wanting to sell more units, thus providing Samsung with a higher amount of units to produce.

It's now unknown at what price Apple is bartering for, with reports ranging in estimations. Currently, the OLED panel is estimated to account for about one third of the total production cost of an iPhone X. Apple is allegedly "requiring" Samsung lower the unit price from $110 United States dollars to $100. By using LCD instead of OLED panels, Apple coulld save $50; similarly replacing steel frame for another material may save around $20.

Apple is reportedly set to purchase some 100 million OLED panels from Samsung this year.

Apple's negotiating position appears to have both strengths and weaknesses at present ...

Sources from Taiwan's foundry industry indicated that TSMC's capacity utilization rates of its 10/16 nm processes have been undermined significantly in the second quarter due to reduced orders from the iPhone supply chain.

In November South Korean authorities raided Apple's offices prior to the launch of iPhone X in that country.

In general, it is widely expected that prices of other smartphone OLED displays will decrease this year.

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