Internet: fast, lite, and private

Internet: fast, lite, and private

Internet: fast, lite, and private

For what it's worth, Amazon undertook the same strategy with the Kindle Lite app: it was available for download on the Play Store for several weeks before the retailer officially announced it.

The company has not branded the browser as a Lite version of its Silk browser. Likewise, Google has Gmail Go, Google Go, Google Maps Go, and YouTube Go that all are available pre-installed on devices running Android Oreo (Go Edition). It will run on all devices running on Android 5.0 and higher. The app has been specifically created to use less space on the device and comes with less than 2MB in size.

Internet is among many recent apps that have been made keeping slow internet connections and basic smartphones in mind.

Without any formal announcement, and following a very low-key launch on March 20, Internet has been sitting idly in the Google Play app store. "Get new features regularly, with updates so small you may even decide to download them with your data plan", reads the description for the browser on the Play Store.

Having reached near saturation in bigger economies like Europe and the U.S., tech giants are aiming for the developing nations, or say emerging markets, for more new customers. We can expect the number to go up since it's already out in the Android community. For India, Android is a dominant mobile operating system in India with 82.18% of market share as of December 2017. A 2016 report by Bank of America Merill Lynch said that Amazon India will be the company's largest market outside of United States, accounting for over a fifth of the Amazon's total worldwide sales by 2025. The AI assistant Alexa is customized to work well with the local audience. Amazon has also crossed over 100 million subscribers for its Prime service globally, shipping 5 billion items to Prime subscribers in 2017. One can buy stuff by voicing it through a smart speaker (Echo), one can buy Amazon's own ebooks through Kindle.

"When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes".

Jeff Bezos also said in his letter that Amazon can not ever rest on its achievements as customers, by nature, are always discontent. Still, you can't imagine using the web without a dedicated web browser.

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