EA Outlines 'Night On Endor' DLC For Star Wars Battlefront 2

Microtransactions are set to return to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Microtransactions are set to return to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Those loveable, little hairballs are making their way to Star Wars Battlefront II in an upcoming limited-time mode dubbed Ewok Hunt. The reimplementation of the system doesn't come as a surprise, as EA previously said Crystals would return in the first half of 2018.

You can also earn "Credits", another in-game currency, in order to purchase new skins but this currency is only obtained through playing the game. They're one of the ways fans can unlock cosmetic Appearances in-game and they're bought with real-life money. Stormtroopers must hold out until an extraction team arrives, but it's not going to be easy, Even with stormtroopers being armored, equipped with advanced weaponry, and even flashlights, Ewoks can ambush from anywhere with spears, firefly-like creatures known as Wisties, and various other skills. For every stormtrooper taken down in this game mode, another Ewok spawns.

Star Wars Battlefront II was sharply criticized for a system where character progression and weapons could only be acquired from loot boxes, which, originally, could be purchased with real money.

Night on Endor looks like a promising addition to Star Wars Battlefront 2.

The Ewok Hunt mode will be playable starting next Wednesday, April 18. First, Crystals can only be used to buy Appearances, which are cosmetic items. These are among the 50 new personalization items that will be available with the new update. At least we're not getting a Jar Jar mode. Will you be jumping back into Battlefront II? As many of you have suspected, all our focus was on the Progression Update, as we felt this was the most important improvement to the game that we needed to make. The game's subreddit highlights transparency issues on whether or not continuing players will receive content beyond shallow microtransactions as well as berating EA for exaggerating the content it is adding within the update.

We have loads more content in the pipeline, too.

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