Palestinians gather for mass protests along Gaza-Israel border

Palestinians gather for mass protests along Gaza-Israel border

Palestinians gather for mass protests along Gaza-Israel border

Liberman also thanked Israeli Defense Forces troops for their "professional and moral work" guarding the Gaza border. Israel's army said it was investigating the photographer's death.

The planned six-week protests are scheduled to end on 15 May, the 70 anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe), in which more than 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced by Israeli militias in 1948.

But the Israeli military said at least 10,000 people demonstrated in five locations. The previous week there was an estimated 30,000 protesters. Large plumes of black smoke from burning tyres rose into the sky. They also burned pictures of US President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to human rights groups, Israeli soldiers had orders from senior Israeli officials to use live ammunition against Palestinian protesters even if protesters did not pose a threat to the soldiers or civilians.

"The IDF will not permit damage to the security fence or infrastructure that protects Israeli citizens and will act against the violent rioters and terrorists involved", the army said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that Israeli soldiers injured, Friday, seventeen medics, after the army deliberately targeted field clinics with gas bombs, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The apologetic letter published by The Guardian was signed by four former Israeli combatants expressing their distress over the most recent killings of demonstrators in Gaza.

Israel and Hamas have fought three wars in the Gaza Strip since 2009.

Israel did not confirm these figures. As a result, the two men each have lost a leg to amputation; one is in danger of losing the remaining leg (Quick question for all you two-state-solutioners- won't Israel continue to control the corridor between Gaza and the West Bank under partition; and wouldn't that control result in such arbitrary tyrannical consequences then too?).

Thousands of Palestinians arrived at tented camps near the frontier as a protest dubbed "The Great March of Return" - evoking a longtime call for refugees to regain ancestral homes in what is now Israel - moved into its third week.

In all, 35 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since the latest round of demonstrations began on March 30, according to a CNN count.

In all, 34 Palestinians were killed in the past two weeks, 27 during protests. Over 110 have already been wounded this morning, per Palestinian media reports. Israel and Egypt maintain a security blockade of Gaza.

Friday's protest drew thousands of people, the third large-scale demonstration along the volatile border in as many consecutive Fridays.

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