'Go back Modi' cries, black flags greet PM across TN

GoBackModi Chennai erupts in protest as Modi visits to attend a defence exhibition

GoBackModi Chennai erupts in protest as Modi visits to attend a defence exhibition

In the morning outside the Chennai airport, activists of the Federation for protection of Tamil Art and Culture, led by noted film director Bharatiraja and other film personalities like Amir, Gautaman and Vetrimaran protested against Modi's visit.

Kollywood actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan has upped the ante on the Cauvery water issue with a new video and open letter to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

Be it black flag, balloon with slogan saying "Go Back Modi or the hashtag #GoBackModil in Twitter, they highlighted the mood of the protestors of various parties including DMK". As he did so, he encountered some 30 students from IIT Madras who stood silently but held posters demanding a Cauvery Management Board - an issue which has whipped up emotions in Tamil Nadu.

He was here to inaugurate the Defence Expo at Thiruvidanthai, 40 kms from the city, and to open the Diamond Jubilee Building of Cancer Institute at Chennai. By and large, the usual staged reception with public thronging on either sides of the road greeting the PM's convoy was absent this time as the protesters occupied the city roads with black balloons forcing the PM to take up airborne sorties.

"The farmers of the delta areas in Tamil Nadu who are dependent on Cauvery water for irrigation are fervently hoping that the above implementation machinery would be constituted by the government of India to enable them to commence the agricultural operations in the next irrigation season which starts on 1 June", the memorandum said. For people are more important than elections, as you well know. I think with your previous experience with Narmada water board authority.

Many believe that the whole idea of holding the DefExpo in the state was conceived with the intent to sway the electorate.

The protests also come amid rising awareness and discontent over the Modi government's decision to use the population figures of the 2011 Census to decide the proportion of money sharing between the Centre and state governments.

In fact, in the RK Nagar bye-polls held in December, BJP received less votes than NOTA and it could be the same story whenever elections are held next.

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